Fair Haven Pay by Credit/Debit Card or Check

For processing of Property Tax and Water/Sewer Payments only.  For processing of fee-based services by the Town Clerk, please call Suzanne Dechame at 802-265-3610.

Once you begin the process, you’ll be taken to the ©2014 Noble Payment Technologies, LLC website, “Secure Payments Powered by NOBLE,” which is working in partnership, but is not affiliated, with the Town of Fair Haven.

Make sure you have at least the following information:
Town account/parcel number related to the payment you are making.
Amount ($) you are paying.
For credit/debit card payments, you’ll need the name listed on the card, card account number, expiration date, and the security code on the back of the card.
For check payments, make sure to have the name on the account, bank name, routing number, and account number.

If you opt to use the NOBLE on-line payment process, you will be automatically charged a processing fee based on the type of credit or debit card being used. For example, a $100.00 payment could have a processing fee of $0.90 for a total payment equal to $100.90. The Town does not charge or receive compensation for your use of the service.

FYI, there’s a pretty “cool” option in NOBLE’s payment process. If you are using a credit card, the NOBLE payment system automatically offers the option of using another form of payment (i.e., a debit card or payment by check). At that stage, NOBLE will indicate the “savings” (reduction in the processing fee) you could incur by using an alternative form of payment besides a credit card.

If you have questions before or after making a payment, please call the Town Offices 802-265-3010×201. Otherwise, during the payment process, use the NOBLE online help service.


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